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Deluxe Cask Autotilt

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£154.95 +VAT ( £185.94   inc VAT)

The Autotilt stillage incorporates an 'Easy-Load' facility which eliminates the need to lift a cask when loading it on to the stillage. This Autotilt is probably the easiest stillage to load available on the market.

Even an 18 gallon cask can be loaded with minimal effort due the ergonomic design of the stillage which allows the barrel to pivot when loading on to the stillage.

  • By releasing a latch the cradle pivots forward to approximately 45 degrees ready for loading
  • Once supported on the loading cradle the cask can be tipped back onto the stillage with the minimal of effort
  • The weight of the full cask will compress the hydraulic spring allowing the cask to condition in a horizontal plane. Once loaded the cask can be rotated on four roller wheels to centre the keystone


Fitted with a pre-set Hydraulic Spring which provides an ultra smooth tilting action

The hydraulic spring is filled with both an inert gas and a thick hydraulic fluid.

The gas serves to lift the cask whilst the hydraulic oil slows the movement to provide an unrivalled smooth tilting action.

Hydraulic Spring Stillages

  • Suitable for all casks from 9 to 22 gallons
  • Easy adjustment between casks sizes with no need for additional springs.
  • Zinc plated for excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Fitted with self lubricating hydraulic spring for ultra smooth tilting action.
  • Adjustable Feet
  • Adjustable Tilt Angle
  • Cask rests on rubber wheels to allow easy rotation to centre keystone.
  • Weight 13 Kgs
  • Length 660mm x Width 385mm
  • Overall Height with fully Tilted 9 gallon cask 620mm
  • Overall Height with fully Tilted 18 gallon cask 720mm