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Cask Beer CO2 Aspirator / Breather Valve

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£49.50 +VAT ( £59.40   inc VAT)

The CO2 Aspirator is designed to control the flow of CO2 gas into Ale Casks using a short length of pipe attached to a Cask Spigot, this prolongs the shelf life of Cask Ale.

The introduction of CO2 Asipirator produces a protective blanket of CO2 which prolongs the shelf-life of a cask of Real Ale.

The Cask Beer CO2 Aspirator is to assist licensees whose sales of cask are insufficient for them to sell out the cask in the normal 3/4 days and to prolong the casks shelf-life.

The Cask Beer CO2 Aspirator must be used in conjunction with a Cask Ale Spigot qv.

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