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Cask Dip Rod (Lay Down)

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£13.95 +VAT ( £16.74   inc VAT)

The Cask Dip Rod is designed to enable the user to establish the remaining contents of a cask which is in use and is calibrated to enable you to establish the contents of those lying or upright casks.

Each Facet of the Cask Dip Rod body depicts the scale for a different size of cask and the Cask Dip Rod is coated in black lacquer with each of the calibrations picked out in white.

The laydown is for casks which are being stillaged in the normal way and the upright is for casks stillage on their end using an Ale Extractor.

We also offer a flexible version of the "Laydown" Cask Dip Rod designed for checking casks on tiered racking.

Be sure to order the correct Cask Dip Rod.