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Maxi 210 Shelf Beer Cooler.

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New Maxi 210 Cooler£355.00(£426.00 inc VAT)Add to Basket

The Maxi 210 or Bar 200 Shelf Beer Cooler is a Twin Product Beer cooler.

The Maxi 210 or Bar 200 Shelf Beer Cooler features 2 x 5 Metre Long x 3/8"Stainless Steel coils.

Immersed in a reservoir which will provide an ice bank of approx 5kgs.  Add to this The Maxi 210 or Bar 200 Shelf Beer Cooler has a built in pump to provide Water Recirculation which gives the user the facility to use the new Water Cooled Fonts now coming onto the market.

Another use for the Maxi 210 or Bar 200 Shelf Beer Cooler's Water recirc is for the cooling of Cask Ale where the Beer engine has a Water Jacket around the cylinder or a Probe.

The Maxi 210 or Bar 200 Shelf Beer Cooler's water recirc facility is ideal for providing a supply of chilled water to Keg Cooling Saddles or Jackets to keep your Kegs of beer cool.

Avaiable as new or reconditioned.

230 Volt.10amp.Fan Assisted Compressor Driven Cooler‚Housed in a Plastic Coated Box-folded Case.Nominal Ice-Bank Pull down from water 10 Degrees @24 Degrees ambient 2.5 hours.Refrigerant R134a.Supplied with two metre 3 core mains cable terminating in a 13amp (10amp fuse) Plug. Dimensions : W495mm x H280mm x W450mm


New Maxi 210 CoolerWidth: W495mm mm Height: W495mm mm Depth: W495mm mm 25000g

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