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Twin Keg Beer Accessory Kit Mixed Gas

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£279.99 +VAT ( £335.99   inc VAT)

This is a twin product accessory kit (Cooler not included).

A Mixed Gas Regulator is included which is ideal for Bitter. 

Lager and Cider can be run from it; however, it may not be as lively as a CO2 Regulator – see our CO2 Regulator version of this kit.

Kits include our Fonts which will come complete with all fittings and pipe work.

Both the black and Chrome Fonts include a 6” Drip Tray and the clamp.

You have the option to choose two Keg Coupler/Connectors.  Please contact us if you are unsure of the Coupler/Connector you require for the product you are dispensing.

The Chrome Unity Font features:

  • Exceptional eye-catching appearance
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Trace cooling to tap
  • Easy bar fit - Clamp to bar application
  • Supplied with 6" Drip Tray and bracket
  • 3/16" product line to the Tap
  • Cold water recirculation/product lines within insulated loop with generous tails 
  • High quality Chrome Excelsior Tap
  • The Chrome Font comes wired up for illumination once connected to a transformer 

You will require a bar lighting transformer to illuminate and a round Fish Eye Badge for the product you are dispensing. 

Please note that a CO2 Gas bottle will not connect to a Mixed Gas Regulator.


Mixed Gas Regulator Range (Micro Matic)

  • Output pressure gauge – 90 psi / 6.2 bar
  • Bottle content gauge – 0 – 4500 psi / 315 bar
  • Max output pressure – Up to 55 psi / 3.8 bar (Blow-off)
  • Twin safety blow-off valves (Ring pull)
  • Safety blow-off pressure –  55 psi / 3.8 bar
  • Wall Mounted
  • John Guest fittings supplied – 3/8" Push Fit, 1 per available port
  • Re-test label applied
  • Manufactured in accordance with Code of Practice for the dispense of Beer by pressure systems in licensed premises