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Race Cask Ventilator - When Barrel Is Lying Flat

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Single -- > Race Cask Ventilator For Shive (when barrel is lying flat)
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10 Pack -- > Race Cask Ventilator For Shive (when barrel is lying flat)
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15 Pack -- > Race Cask Ventilator For Shive (when barrel is lying flat)
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25 Pack -- > Race Cask Ventilator For Shive (when barrel is lying flat)
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This version of the Race Cask Ventilator is used when the barrel is lying flat pushing the Race Cask Ventilator into the shive of the barrel as picture example.

Note: The Race Cask Ventilator is available in various forms, the above is only one variation please reference other race cask ventilator variations on our website.

About the Race Cask Ventilator:

The Race Cask Ventilator is a twin chamber non-return valve which allows the naturally produced Co2 to escape whilst retaining a slight blanket of Co2 restricting the ingress of air. 

Once the Cask has been coditioned replace the Soft Spile with the Race Cask Ventilator and then no need to take the Ventilator out until the Cask is empty. 

The Race Cask Ventilator Can extend the shelf-life of Cask Ale by 3/5 days.

You may re-use the Race Cask Ventilator many times as it is easily taken apart for cleaning.  However the Race Cask Ventilaor does contain small ball bearings and you must be careful not to lose them.  

Two Types of Race Cask Ventilator:

(1) For use in a traditional Shive where stillaging is conventional with the Cask lying on its side (as above). 

(2) A Newly Developed Version for use where Casks are stillaged Upright using the Ale Extractor or Syphon Method, you will need the Race Cask Vent Kit for the Ale Extractor which is sold with the two push fit parts.  
The Push Fits with the screw thread fits into your Ale Extractor then the elbow push fit allows the Race Cask Ventilator to be positioned uprigt allowing the bearing to move up and down to regulate air flow.  
You can buy the Ventilator for Ale Extractor without the kit if you have the fittings already. 

Either way the Race Cask Ventilator will always give value savings.  

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