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Keg Beer Couplers/Connectors

Find all 6 major types of Beer Keg Couplers & Connectors for your Keg Beer Dispense needs, This includes Key, Sankey, Grundy and Type A,U,D

  • Type A Keg Coupler is used for Germand and English beer brands, Most common are  Guinness, Pimms, Hoegaarden.
  • Type D Coupler is mostly used for imported American Beers e.g. Goose Island, Blue Point.
  • Type U coupler works with European type valves, and is most commonly used for Stella Artois, Leffee and Boddingtons.
  • Type G/Grundy couplers and are most commonly used on beers like Speckled Hen, Worthington and Grolsch.
  • Sankey keg coupler fit kegs that are mainly US/American valves like Budweiser, Miller and Coors.

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