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Beer Python Tube

£6.99( £8.39 inc VAT)
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Colour- Black ***Please note minimum order is 6 metres ***
Beer Python Tube
Beer Python Tube
Beer Python Tube
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10 Line Python 13mm Foam per metre (min order 6m)£6.99(£8.39 inc VAT)Add to Basket
14 Line Python 19mm Foam per metre (min order 6m)£9.95(£11.94 inc VAT)Add to Basket

Our beer python tubing is manufactured from the finest food quality MDPE tubing. The role of beer python tube is born out of the need for extra cold beer dispense systems today.  

The distance between cooler and point of dispense can range from 6metres – 100 metres and sometimes even more.  Thus the beer python tube is to minimise the heat gain of a beverage after it leaves the cooler up to the point of dispense.

Cold rooms and coolers are all designed to take heat out of a beverage and the associated investment is relatively high.

How can you ensure that this investment is not lost? By using the correct type of beer python tube.

Our beer python tube is available in three popular configurations and with two grades of insulation either 13mm or 19mm wall to suit, booth in 10 & 14 Line. 

The beer python tube contains 15mm water recirc tube Flow & Return as standard.

We stock the 10 line 13mm and can send this out on the day the order is placed before 12pm giving us time to get this cut ti size a packed as it is hard to work with.

If you require the 14 line with 13 mm wall or the 10,14 line with 19 mm wall then please call for availability.

We stock the 15 mil U bend that is required at the end of the Python to bring the water back to the cooler.  

***Please note minimum order is 6 metres ***

Food grade‚ Colour coded MDPE beer Lines encased in a foam insulated sheath and bound in a PVC outer layer for strength. Sizes : 2+8 Python 13mm Insulation 55mm Dia 2+8 Python 19mm Insulation 60mm Dia 2+10 Python 13mm Insulation 60mm Dia 2+10 Python 19mm Insulation 65mm Dia 2+14 Python 13mm Insulation 60mm Dia 2+14 Python 19mm Insulation 65mm Dia

Product Weight

10 Line Python 13mm Foam per metre (min order 6m)800g

14 Line Python 19mm Foam per metre (min order 6m)1100g

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